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5 Cities with the Highest PA Salaries

It is an exciting time for a Physician Assistant (PA); this fast growing field has seen a growth of 30% in average salaries over the last 4 years across the United States. What’s more exciting is that the average income is projected to grow even faster and is predicted as the fastest growing career field for the next 10 years. With flexible hours, a mentally challenging role within a hospital and strong salaries and job security, becoming a PA is a strong career choice. Most of you are already graduated, so you’re thinking about where to begin your job search; below we have listed 5 of the highest paying cities currently for physician assistants.

Top 5 Cities for Physician Assistant Salaries:

1. Sebastian, Florida: Average Salary: $167,400
Located on the east coast of Florida in an area known as the Treasure Coast, Sebastian is a beautiful small city with plenty to enjoy. It's close to plenty of Atlantic beaches, has beautiful parks, and features an unobstructed view of the intra-coastal waterway. If you love warm days and comfortably cool nights, you can't do much better than Sebastian. The city has an average high temperature of 81.3 degrees Fahrenheit and an average low of 65.2 degrees. Sebastian is also home of Pelican Island, the first designated wildlife refuge in the United States!

2. Santa Fe, New Mexico: Average Salary: $156,650
Did you know Santa Fe was recently voted the #1 city for outdoor enthusiasts? Nestled in central New Mexico, Santa Fe is surrounded by beautiful evergreen forests and rolling hills of pinon. It has been ranked one of the best places to take photographs due to all of its beautiful scenery. It's also one of the best shopping cities in the United States due to its rich New Mexican and Native American culture. When can you start?

3. Texarkana, Texas: Average Salary: $140,650
Straddling the state border with Arkansas, Texarkana, Texas combines with its Arkansas sister city to form the entire city of Texarkana. Love road trips with friends and family? From Texarkana, you can make a quick drive to Louisiana or Oklahoma, as the city is right in the middle of where the two states meet with Texas and Arkansas. The city is home to Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Scott Joplin and boasts a mural in his honor as well as regular events commemorating his achievements. The city is also home to plenty of regional history museums cataloging the cozy and quiet east Texas town. If you like things simple and comfortable, Texarkana could be a great fit for you.

4. Flint, Michigan: Average Salary: $132,950
Many would say Flint had its heyday decades ago during the craze of the American auto industry, but the city is slowly rebounding thanks to dedicated natives of the city. Museums, regular car shows and art exhibits pay tribute to the city's car manufacturing past while regular farmers' markets and food festivals bring citizens together over a love of locally sourced goods. With a population hovering right around 100,000, Flint has the feel of a city on the rise without being too big. If you love hockey and those cold Midwestern winters, Flint could be the perfect spot for you!

5. Brownsville, Texas: Average Salary: $128,810
Located right on the border with Mexico, Brownsville boasts a unique and cultural history. The city has quick access to beaches overlooking the Gulf of Mexico so you can get some sun, and the city's eclectic culture is highlighted through museums, community performances, food festivals and much more. If you're a history buff, Brownsville is also in close proximity to several battlefields from the Mexican American War of the 1840s.

While there’s more than just salary to consider when choosing a city to launch or grow your PA career, we hope this helps give you some direction. It’s also important to investigate employment levels and opportunities in the industry before moving.