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Browse our inventory of continuing medical education DVDs written and recorded by Dr. John L. Pfenninger and well-respected medical physicians for both physicians and patients. Continuing medical education DVDs can be used to train, review procedures that were performed in NPI’s hands-on CME courses or to test your knowledge with patient case examples. We also carry DVDs that review complex subjects for patients. This provides a reference point for patient’s specific needs and allows patients to have issues explained thoroughly. If you’re interested in enrolling in an accredited CME program, NPI offers multiple courses with hands-on procedural training through private programs and nationwide conferences.

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Cardiac Stress Testing For the Primary Care Physician - DVD Common Office Dermatologic Procedures – Patient Cases - DVD Excisions and Common Wound Repairs: Patient Cases - DVD
OUCH Multimedia presents Jerry Hizon, M.D., FAAFP and Victor Froelicher, M.D., FACC in the exclusive DVD video, Cardiac Stress Testing for the Primary Care Physician, featuring a comprehensive introduction to this important clinical procedure with FOUR ''LIVE'' exams!

(OUCH Multimedia, LLC) 2003 [Run Time: 170 min.]
An assortment of office dermatologic procedures are demonstrated in this DVD performed on live patients. This video is not a didactic lecture but rather, shows the techniques of skin biopsy, curettement, cryotherapy, radiofrequency, candida injection of warts, sebaceous cyst removal, lipoma removal, and many more.

(John L. Pfenninger, M.D., FAAFP) 2004
This DVD is meant to illustrate many of the more common dermatologic excisions and repairs performed routinely in the office. It is less didactic than the “Suturing and Excision: Exercises on Pig’s Feet” video. Procedures are performed on live patients. Excisions, undermining, deep inverted sutures (intermediate closures), and various methods of skin closure are demonstrated.

(John L. Pfenninger, M.D., FAAFP) 2004 [Run Time: 75 min.]
How to Perform Skin Biopsies - DVD Joint Exam & Injections with an Introduction to Ultrasound - DVD Learning No-Scalpel Vasectomy: A Guide for Clinicians – From Counseling Through Procedure - DVD
This program reviews the various methods of performing skin biopsy including punch, shave, and curettement. The biopsy techniques are first reviewed and demonstrated on pig's feet, then followed by human case examples. A full discussion of indications, equipment, method, and post-operative care are included.

(John L. Pfenninger, M.D., FAAFP) 2004 [Run Time: 80 min.]
Joint Exam & Injections with an Introduction to Ultrasound features a 3-disk DVD set that presents a visual overview of the material covered during the two-day National Procedure Institute's Orthopedic I course with an introduction to ultrasound. This course provides a detailed overview of musculoskeletal essentials. The DVD also reviews and demonstrates the physical examination techniques attendant to all major joints. In addition, the benefits of joint aspiration and orthopedic injection are addressed, to include step-by-step demonstrations of joint injections with ultrasound guidance.

Author: Francis G. O'Connor
Length: 508 minutes
Published: 2014

This video reviews the no-scalpel vasectomy procedure using a realistic model and emphasizes key points. One actual vasectomy performed on a patient will be demonstrated. Just the knowledge listed makes the DVD well worth the cost.

(John L. Pfenninger, M.D., FAAFP) 2004 [Run Time: 68 min.]
No-Scalpel Vasectomy: 6 Patient Cases - DVD Patient Counseling for the Colonoscopy Procedure - DVD Suturing and Excision Techniques: Exercises on Pigs Feet - DVD
This is a perfect complement to the “Learning No-Scalpel Vasectomy” DVD. Six patient cases are used to demonstrate the technique and pearls taught on the vasectomy model. Each case helps to reinforce the principles. Dr. Li’s and Dr. Wilson’s (Zinnanti) no-scalpel clamps are both used.

(John L. Pfenninger, M.D., FAAFP) 2004 [Run Time: 85 min.]
Proper counseling for colonoscopy could take longer than the procedure itself! Save yourself the time consuming and redundant practice of counseling every patient individually. Provide the patient with the information they seek and at the same time protect your practice’s liability. This short DVD reviews the entire procedure including preparation, the procedure itself, what might be done with polyps, complications, post-operative care, and appropriate follow-up.

(John B. Pope, M.D. ) 2004 [Run Time: 11 min.]
This DVD will review common laceration repair and excisional techniques. It is didactic and uses pig’s feet to demonstrate various types of closures including the deep inverted stitch, mattress stitches, simple interrupteds, running, subcuticular, and corner stitches. It will demonstrate advancement flaps and Z-Y plasties.

(John L. Pfenninger, M.D., FAAFP) 2004 [Run Time: 98 min.]
What Patients Need to Know About Vasectomy - DVD
Both traditional and no-scalpel vasectomies are discussed. Vasectomy is the preferred method of permanent sterilization when a couple has decided to limit their future childbearing. It is important that the man and the woman make an informed decision for this elective procedure. This DVD reviews, in lay terms, who should have a vasectomy, the basic technique, preparation, complications, and after care. It saves a tremendous amount of physician time and not only assures that all the information has been conveyed, but also provides excellent medicolegal documentation that the patient had true informed consent. It allows the clinician to focus in on pertinent questions rather than relaying the same information repeatedly. Consider purchasing several copies and allowing the patient to view it in the comfort of his own home.

(John L. Pfenninger, M.D., FAAFP) 2004 [Run Time: 33 min.]