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5 Popular & Well-Paying Jobs in Emergency Medicine

Emergency medicine presents a challenging and rewarding professional experience. On one hand, your daily tasks are varied and unique, which cuts out monotony and forces you to keep your skills honed for any situation. On the other, speed and precision are of the utmost importance to treat patients efficiently and correctly in a timely manner. If you’re considering a specialization in emergency medicine but not sure which arena suits you best, give these specialties some thought.

Emergency Physician Salary & Job Details

This is the specialization that covers most areas of the emergency medicine spectrum. A doctor specially trained for emergency situations, an emergency physician could handle very severe, life-threatening cases or very minor ones depending on the circumstances. Such a specialization usually requires between 2-4 years of training and experience in an ER setting. An emergency medicine physician makes, on average, just over $261,000 annually according to an November 2015 report from salary.com.

Head ER Nurse Salary & Job Details

A head nurse of the ER delegates and controls all nursing activity within the emergency room. From inventory control to record and report keeping, the head nurse has more of a role as overseer than a direct patient report. Nevertheless, full nurse accreditation and several years of ER experience are still pre-requisites for the position. A head emergency room nurse averages an annual salary of just under $94,000 according to November’s report from salary.com.

Anesthesiologist Salary & Job Details

A physician of anesthesiology is of the utmost importance to a safe and stable surgery. Responsible for determining the appropriate type and dosage of anesthetic for surgical procedures, the anesthesiologist has to juggle several factors, such as the patient’s medical history, what other medications they are currently on, how their condition looks before, during, and after a procedure, and so on. Anesthesiologists average an annual salary exceeding $350,000 according to salary.com’s November 2015 report.

Hospitalist Salary & Job Details

A visit to the ER can often result in extended stays at the hospital. This makes it all the more important to have a sole physician monitoring the patient’s path from beginning to end of care. The hospitalist will order treatments or tests, consult with specialists on specific procedures, and act as a guide for the entirety of a hospitalized patient’s stay. A hospitalist averages an annual salary of over $208,000 according to salary.com.

Orthopedic Surgeon Salary & Job Details

Surgery has many different areas of focus, but one that regularly finds a place in the emergency room is that of orthopedic surgery. Focusing on musculoskeletal problems, an orthopedic surgeon is tasked with treating common injuries like bone fractures and dislocations. They are often the ones treating patients injured playing a sport or after an accident. An orthopedic surgeon can expect to earn an annual salary exceeding $440,000 according to salary.com.

The staff of an emergency room are as varied and unique as the patients that come through its doors. Whether you’re a seasoned medical professional looking to develop a career-defining specialization in the emergency room or a younger professional testing the waters to find your niche, the emergency room presents several opportunities to sharpen your skills and see everything medicine has to offer.