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NPI Private CME Programs

Save time and the expense of being out of the office by having a personalized accredited CME workshop at your location. You can host a NPI course at your residency program, conference, private clinic, hospital or other medical facility. The cost includes a reduced registration fee for a minimum of 10 people, regardless of the number present, plus additional expenses that cover speaker fees, and supplies/equipment costs if applicable. When you host, our staff will work with you to choose a program date that works for your selected audience as well as customize the agenda to fit your specific needs.

NPI Private CME programs are designed for primary care physicians. Physician assistants, nurse practitioners and registered nurses are able to participate in the activity, though the primary audience must be primary care physicians.

Advantages of a private CME program:

  • You and/or your participants will save on paying costly travel expenses
  • Private programs are planned by the NPI team, saving your administrative staff time
  • The course is only open to the attendees you have invited
  • Private programs are instructed by NPI’s highly qualified faculty
  • Courses are planned and implemented with the same level of care, quality and professionalism as the nationally scheduled courses

Recent CME courses hosted by:

  • Hospitalists Management Group, Ohio
  • Banner Health Community Hospital, Wyoming
  • Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians, Minnesota
  • Texas Academy of Family Physicians, Texas
  • University of Kansas School of Medicine (Via Christi Family Medicine Residency)
  • Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians, Minnesota
  • St. Charles Health System, Oregon
  • Georgia Academy of Family Physicians, Georgia
  • CogentHMG, Tennessee
  • Medical Directors’ Council (MeDC) - MeDC is an affiliate of Planned Parenthood
  • Arizona Integrated Physicians, Arizona
  • Sound Physicians, Texas
  • Albert Einstein Medical Center, Pennsylvania
  • Hospitalists of Northwest Michigan, Michigan
  • Kingman Regional Medical Center, Arizona
  • Midtown Imaging, LLC, Florida
  • Roseville Surgical Alliance, California

For more details on pricing and availability, contact Anna Jenkins at AJenkins@tafp.org.

**Pricing varies depending on the course, instructor location, number of attendees & other variables including supplies, CME accreditation and handouts.