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5 Rising Doctor Specializations

These days, it’s becoming more crucial for medical professionals to expand their base of skills to better care for their patients, streamline a patient’s doctor visits, and increase their overall client base. This is especially true for those family physicians in a small town or rural areas, where specialized clinics may not exist.

  1. Anti-aging specialists are continuously being sought out with the increased popularity of plastic surgery and other anti-aging procedures. With tens of millions of cosmetic procedures taking place each year, the industry is certainly available for doctors looking to add a specialization to their practice.

    The aesthetics procedures CME course and anti-aging medicine CME course we provide will give you live experience to properly and efficiently undertake non-invasive cosmetic procedures as well as more advanced hormone replacement therapy treatments.

  2. Echocardiography has grown as a specialized practice due to heart disease being one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Over 1 million deaths per year are attributed to coronary artery disease, making early detection and continued observation more important than ever.

    In our live echocardiography CME course, you’ll learn ultrasound physics, practice your echocardiography skills in real time, and become proficient in interpreting results, making you and your practice a trusted source for heart patients. Additionally, our exercise stress testing courses focus specifically on coronary artery disease diagnosis and management.

  3. Colonoscopies have grown in regularity as modern medicine has evolved. With countless studies indicating that preventive colonoscopy screenings can prevent or reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by upwards of 50%, this procedure is saving lives by the millions and can be applied to a wide patient base.

    You can position your medical practice for increases in colonoscopy screenings through our two live colonoscopy CMEs. Offered in starter and advanced courses, these CMEs give you in-depth training on proper patient care, analysis of results, advanced removal procedures, and continued monitoring of patient health.

  4. Dermatology is becoming a more prominent specialization with the increased risk of skin cancer due to sun exposure and the popularity of tanning salons.

    Become your patients’ first resource for skin care with NPI’s basic dermatologic procedures CME courses. Learn hands on how to properly identify and diagnose dermatological conditions and conduct procedures like biopsies, cryosurgery, dermoscopy, suturing, and more.

  5. A growing population of retirement age patients has made geriatric care all the more important. In fact, the Baby Boomer generation reaching retirement age presents one of the largest elderly patient populations in recent history and provides an ample opportunity to serve a wider patient base.

    The geriatrics CME offered through NPI will provide you with a live taught environment for educating yourself on elderly care, potential illnesses, common medications and their proper use, mental health issues, and a myriad of other health topics.

Selecting the best CME courses for your needs and the needs of your practice will vary. With the growing need for medical professionals trained in a wide range of specializations, there’s never been a better time to diversify the services offered to your patients, expand your patient base, and increase your revenue as you grow your practice.