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Why You Should Train for Sclerotherapy Treatment

Treatment for veins has improved drastically over the years, and with that the demand for sclerotherapy has skyrocketed across the nation. The procedure can be both cosmetic- and health-related, making it a viable option to include in your practice’s available procedures. Below are a few of the top reasons why you and your practice should start offering sclerotherapy.

  1. There are plenty of potential patients. It’s a great option for aging Baby Boomers looking to reduce the appearance of spider and varicose veins. That built-in client base means your practice will see a return on the investment of continuing medical education for sclerotherapy.
  2. It has health benefits. The procedure can help children or young adults with lymphatic or vascular malformations where radiology and surgery need an additional boost. For anyone with venous insufficiency, sclerotherapy can assist in venous blood flow and limit swelling, thus reducing the chance of blood clots and skin ulcerations.
  3. There isn’t as much red tape with insurance companies. As is the case with almost all cosmetic procedures, sclerotherapy treatments done for cosmetic reasons are rarely covered by insurance. That means less time submitting claims to insurance companies and more revenue put directly into your practice.
  4. It’s quick. Patients are admitted and released the same day of the procedure, which allows your practice to see more patients in a shorter timeframe and keep your overnight bed space for patients with more acute illnesses.

Sclerotherapy is a quick and effective way to provide your patients with a procedure that has both cosmetic and health benefits. While NPI does not certify anyone for sclerotherapy procedures, we offer opportunities for continuing medical education on them. Take a look at our sclerotherapy CME course to see how it can help you stay on top of new sclerotherapy treatments and techniques!