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The Top 5 Aesthetic Procedures

As the Baby Boomer generation moves towards retirement, medical professionals have seen an increase in cosmetic and aesthetic procedure patients in their practices. In fact, minimally invasive procedures have increased over 140% over the last 12+ years with nearly 13.5 million procedures in 2013 according to plasticsurgery.org, making them a profitable avenue for practices looking to diversify their services to patients. Here, in no particular order, are five of the top aesthetic procedures that bring patients to medical practices across the country.

1. Botox – The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that over 6 million Botox procedures were completed in 2013, making it far and away the most popular of nonsurgical, minimally invasive aesthetic procedures performed today. How popular has this procedure become over the last decade or so? Try over 700%!

2. Facial Peels – ASPS reports more than 1.1 million chemical peel procedures were done in 2013 to combat skin issues related to damaged layers of skin from sun exposure, scarring or other issues. While some mild peels can be done in the privacy of a home, the most effective ones will always be found at a specialist’s office.

3. Laser Hair Removal – ASPS reports that laser hair removal clocks in at over 1 million procedures in 2013 with a 46% increase over the last 13 years with more and more patients seeking alternatives to redundant shaving and painful waxing.

4. Laser Skin Resurfacing – Not as common as other skin procedures but still prevalent, more than 500,000 procedures for skin resurfacing were conducted in 2013. It’s a simple procedure to combat wrinkling and development of lines where Botox is not an option.

5. Soft Tissue Fillers – Next to Botox injections, soft tissue filler procedures are some of the most common non-invasive aesthetic procedures done today with more then 2.2 million in 2013. That’s more than a 240% jump in procedures over the last 12+ years.

There’s no doubt that aesthetic procedures are here to stay. By taking CME courses to train and become more efficient in your practice while gaining CME credits for such procedures, you’ll open up a line to a potentially underserved patient base in your region. Be sure to look at the details of our Aesthetic Procedures course to see how you can get your practice ready for a new patient base!